Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Camera Phone that Saves Lives

The CelloScope

Daniel A. Fletcher's CelloScope design turns a camera phone into a high-resolution diagnostic microscope that can transmit data from remote areas to diagnostics labs in more connected areas. "To be able to receive analysis and treatment recommendations from remote experts," writes the Tech Museum, "could drastically reduce both the cost and time of performing critical disease diagnosis, as well as provide an early warning of epidemics, in poverty-stricken regions around the globe."

Friday, September 2, 2011

Angled for Success

Flip-Screen MV800 compact camera

by Steven Mostyn for The Tech Herald
"South Korean gadget maker Samsung—which is a powerhouse where TVs, smartphones and computers are concerned—is looking to turn heads and influence minds and pockets with its new Flip-Screen MV800."

"Helping us avoid using descriptions such as ‘novelty value’ and ‘shallow gimmickry’, Samsung has thankfully made sure the MV800 is no slouch when it comes to technical capabilities. For example, it offers 16.1 mega pixels of performance via the support of a CCD sensor, a 26mm wide-angle Kreuznach lens, an ISO sensitivity of 3200, and a respectable 5x optical zoom. The diminutive compact also has touch-screen navigation along with 720p HD video capture. From a features point of view, the MV800 carries support modes such as Picture-in-Picture, Beauty, a Pose Guide for portraits, and a raft of artistic effects. Users can also secure instant mega-wide Panorama images by simply holding down the camera’s shoot button and sweeping the lens around them."
Look for the MV800 to be available this fall.