Sunday, November 10, 2013

360 Degree Camera ...


Bublcam: A Softball-Sized Camera Ball that Takes Street View-Like 360° Photos
DL Cade

"Bublcam is a new softball-sized (they call it baseball-sized… but we think it’s a bit bigger) camera that is taking the Internet by storm. It takes 360-degree snapshots and videos — even allowing users to stream video live via WiFi — at the press of a button.

All you as the viewer have to do is upload the footage into the company’s Android, iOS or PC software to interact with the photos or video in the same way that you would with a Street View photograph.

If you’re wondering why we continue to compare the camera to Street View, it’s because Bublcam was invented by someone with a Street View pedigree. CEO and Founder Sean Ramsey once worked with a company called Immersive Media, who worked together with Google to create Street View.

Bublcam was born out of Ramsay’s dissatisfaction with the fact that 360-degree spherical image capture technology was only being used for mapping purposes. "