Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flickr camera ?

There's been some speculation floating around about Facebook designing a mobile phone. I'd be much more interested in a souped-up web based camera devise. Like say a...

Flickr Camera ?
The problem with so many of these new ventures is that they just seem a step too far away from the original platform. We don't use Facebook to talk to each other. We use it to see how ugly our ex-boyfriends' new girlfriends are. Stick with what you know, folks. Flickr could make a simple transition from software to hardware: cull its massive records to determine what type of camera, lens and settings its users opt for the most often. It has all its market research entered in already. I could see the camera automatically upload photos to your Flickr feed the same instant they're taken. The 5 billionth Flickr photo was just uploaded to the photo sharing site. With this new camera, I bet it could easily double that within a year.
I don't know about Flickr, but someone will step up and try and revolutionize the networked masses of photo enthusiasts. I wish them much success and look forward to their efforts.

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