Friday, July 20, 2012

Panasonic Announces New Class of Cameras

They're calling it the "DSLM" class, or "Digital Single Lens Mirrorless" cameras. They think the name change will help them compete more directly with DSLRs.

We'll see.

Panasonic aiming to 'replace' DSLRs
By Amy Davies

Panasonic is hoping to replace DSLR cameras with what it is dubbing "DSLM", or "Digital Single Lens Mirrorless" devices.

Speaking to TechRadar, Ichiro Kitao, Panasonic's director of digital imaging, said "We're aiming to innovate, to replace the DSLR category with mirrorless cameras.

"There's certainly enough potential to compete with entry level [DSLR cameras]," he said.

With the launch of the Panasonic G5, the company is hoping to market a new name for the category, away from the compact system camera name which has been predominantly used for the past couple of years.

DSLM, or Digital Single Lens Mirrorless, is the name it hopes will catch on around the world for the more advanced cameras in its line-up.

"Our message is that we want to grow mirrorless cameras more, so the name reflects that goal," Kitao said.

Message coming in, loud and clear.

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